Oceanside Beachfront Vacation Rentals leases out charming beachfront apartments owned and managed by Eric Platt and his team. The property on 807 S. Pacific St., Oceanside, California features three charming units. A range of choices An upstairs one-bedroom apartment (Unit A) accommodates six, with the living room and balcony facing the magnificent ocean and overlooking the property courtyard. A favorite with couples and small families, the beach-level apartment (Unit B) has French doors that open to a deck facing the courtyard. Our beachfront cottage (Unit C) is a standalone unit that’s closest to the ocean. It offers a 180-degree view of the ocean with three large sets of windows. The cottage is a hit with surfers, as well as couples and small families. Comfortable and welcoming The property was originally purchased in 1989 and served as Eric’s private residence. He later rented out two units on a long-term basis before finally reconfiguring the entire property into vacation rentals in 2008. A team composed of a licensed General Contractor with 30 years of experience, along with his wife, ensures the continuous maintenance and upkeep of the property. Our goal is to make sure you come home to a comfortable and welcoming beach hideaway after you spend as much time as you can enjoying the sun, sand, and surf, and the many awesome attractions of Oceanside. Best of all, Oceanside Beachfront Vacation Rentals is targeted primarily for vacationers on a budget. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to book a place with the beach practically at your doorstop. Thinking of zooming out to the beach on a whim? With Oceanside Beachfront Vacation Rentals’ budget-friendly rates, it’s a no-brainer. Simply give us a call to book your next vacation.. Many satisfied customers Perhaps it’s the vibe of its past life as a private residence that guarantees the warm and inviting environment that makes many satisfied vacationers feel right at home in an Oceanside Beachfront rental. Guests can relax and head out to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and everything else the area has to offer, knowing that they have a charming Cape Cod-inspired retreat to come home to. Check out the gallery or take a video tour to get a preview of the homey, unmistakable family feel of our units. Book a stay today at Oceanside Beachfront Vacation Rentals. You deserve your place in the sun.