Adventure/DIY tours

Oceanside, CA is not just for hitting the surf. Though we do get nice waves all year round, there’s more to our town than the quest for the perfect one. Oceanside is packed with exciting activities for you to indulge in, so go check out just some of the many options listed below. December to April is the breeding season for migrating whales and it’s the best time to try and spot these beautiful creatures as they cross these waters. There are several charter services that can take you whale watching such as Hornblower Cruises and Helgren’s Sportfishing. You can also hire one of the many chartered boats of all sizes available in Oceanside to take you sailing around the area, or to bring you to the best fishing spots. Want to take in more of our local culture? Go on a tour! The most happening and possibly most fun tour for adults is the beer tour. Yep, you read right, we really did say beer tour. San Diego is the birthplace of a dedicated motley of craft and microbreweries that have made names for themselves throughout the United States and earned them fans from all over the world. Quite a number of them are found right in Oceanside so there really shouldn’t be any reason for you to miss out on that. Check out for suggested itineraries. For something more kid-friendly, go on a bike trail tour with the family following one of Oceanside’s trails. Explore the old town and visit landmarks with the Oceanside Historical Society. Another option is to just spend the day at The Harbor to check out the restaurants and shops. Want edgier thrills? Then, head out to the Oceanside Municipal Airport for skydiving by the coast with Tsunami Skydivers, the only one in Southern California. If you’re at least 18 years old, you can go take a flying leap from 12,000 feet. For a more passive though no less thrilling experience, hop into the open cockpit of a vintage bi-plane. Coastal Aero Scenic will take you around the spectacular Oceanside coastline. No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, Oceanside has something for you.